Catering Frequently Asked Questions

Are tastings free?

Yes. While not always requested nor necessary, if it will help you decide what you would like, tastings can be arranged and, of course, are our gift to your event. Consider it our investment in the success of your celebration!

How much should I order for my event?

When we start to plan your catering order, you will be asked for an estimate of numbers. This will make it easier for us to help you determine just how much food we need to prepare! Our number one rule in catering is, never run out of food!!!

How much is catering per person?

This is very dependent on the event and the number of guests. We are a little different than most caterers in that we don't usually estimate base on a per head pricing. It is a good idea, however, to plan on a higher end if it is for a wedding. For us, quality is far more important than price. We believe, if the quality is second to none, the price won't be too high and, if the quality isn't there, any price will be too high! When you contact us, we'll sit down together and discuss your budget.

What is the difference between corporate and special events catering?

Weddings, anniversaries and general parties fall into the category of special events, whereas corporate events include meetings, conventions and summits. Clients hosting special events will have more of an emotional connection to what we create for them.

Why is wedding catering so expensive?

When you hire a caterer, you are not only getting food, but service as well. Fees rolled into this include wait staff, set-up, vehicle costs and more. Especially if you are having a large wedding, labor expenses will be large due to volume of staff and schedule of food service.

What is included in wedding catering?

This is dependent on what catering package you purchase. A full service one means in addition to food preparation, we will handle everything. This includes table settings, bar service, wait staff and clean up. Picture what would be required at a restaurant, and that is what will be needed at your wedding.

Should I tip a caterer? How much?

At John Potash Catering, our staff works very hard to make sure you're happy. Tipping is a very personal and individual decision. Our attitude is, if you are happy with the job the staff has done, it is appropriate to express that in the form of a tip. When we sit down to discuss the bill, we can discuss this area with you as well.

Why hire a caterer?

The short answer is Presentation!: It is because caterers know what they’re doing. Caterers have experience. They know how to please your guests and can even suggest great venues for you to host your event at. When looking at your price estimate, keep in mind that a caterer will save you money in the long run by providing invaluable advice and keeping everything together so that you don’t have to. Save your own sanity and hire a caterer!

How far in advance do I have to book wedding catering?

Sooner is better. Many couples book as early as a year in advance! When you know who you want, do not hesitate to book them. It's always best to lock in the date that's your first choice!

Can you accommodate allergies?

Yes, and any good caterer can. That is the beauty of catering—you meet with us and together we create the perfect meal for your function or event!

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